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Video Clips

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Planet of the Apes Trailers (2001)

The following links allow you to directly access the Apes trailers from the official site. We would offer it for you here, but there's a little disclaimer at the end that prevents us from doing so. Besides, they've got better servers anyway.

Apes Teaser
Download Lo-Res (4.7 MB)
Download Hi-Res (12.5 MB)
Download Full Screen (20.3 MB)

Apes Trailer
Download Lo-Res (8.1Mb, MOV)
Download Med-Res (12.0Mb, MOV)
Download Hi-Res (28.5Mb, MOV)
Download Full Screen (47.8Mb, MOV)


International Trailer (TV Spot)
Download Lo-Res (1.8 MB, MOV)
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Download Hi-Res (7.6 MB, MOV)

Visit the Official Site download site for the uber-cool trailer and all the marketing pizzazz that goes with it!


Deleted Scenes: Battle for the
Planet of the Apes

The following scenes were cut from the theatrical release, but were later shown on television. They have appeared in the Japanese laserdisc, but, surprisingly, have not been restored for any of the three video releases or the AMC showings. However, thanks to the Fox Movie Channel honoring our request, they have finally been shown in the U.S. See our Lost Apes page for information on other cut scenes.

- The Mutants have the Doomsday bomb, which ties them to the Keepers of the Divine Bomb in Beneath. Kolp and Alma discuss plans to detonate the Bomb in case he did not return. (Note: Originally, we were told these were two scenes.)

Click on the image to download the clip in QuickTime format (7.82 MB).

- Mendez the 1st tells Alma that the bomb has made them beautiful.

Click on the image to download the clip in QuickTime format (10 MB).

The Simpsons: Stop the Planet
of the Apes - I Want to Get Off

"Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!"
(Complete sequence, MPG, 5.67 MB)

Serta "Dreamland" Commercial

Serta "Dreamland" Commerical, QT Movie, 960 KB