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Leverage the power of AI to plan your next marketing campaign, generate an email sequence, improve sales copy, collaborate to identify pain points, build a SWOT Analysis, and much more, all with Taskade AI.

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AI-Powered Productivity.AI-Powered Productivity.

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A second brain for you and your teams.

Five intelligent tools in one to supercharge your team productivity. With Taskade, all your work is in sync in one unified workspace.

AI Productivity

Get work done 10x faster with AI-powered chat bot, writing assistant, and workflow creation. Generate tasks, outlines, mind maps, and more!

Replace ChatGPTReplace JasperReplace CopyAI
Taskade Project Views To-Do List Mindmap Kanban

Tasks and Projects

Organize and visualize your tasks, notes, and projects in list, board, calendar, mind map, org chart, and action views. Map out anything and streamline your workflows.

Replaces TrelloReplaces AsanaReplaces Monday

AI Chat Assistant

Whether you’re brainstorming ideas or coordinating tasks, remember that you have a powerful AI Chat Assistant available right inside your projects.

Realtime Collaboration Workspace

Notes and Docs

A smart, structured outlining experience, designed to mirror your brain's natural organization. Create unlimited connections, levels of hierarchy, and collaborate together in real-time.


Mind Maps

Generate new ideas with AI and map out anything. Turn thoughts into action items and track progress across views. Taskade is your mind map, transforming ideas into versatile workflows, like the art of origami.


The next generation of team collaboration.

Share here, there, and everywhere. Shareable links make it easy to send projects for review, invite others into your workspace, or hop on a real-time chat and video call with stakeholders anywhere.

Taskade Calendar App

Unlimited Sharing

Easily share projects with guests, clients, and teams to chat and collaborate, all in one place.

Task Management App

Multiple Teams

Manage multiple projects and teams with ease with secure and separate workspaces.

Video Chat

Have great meetings with your team and clients. Collaborate on the same page with built-in video chat, screen sharing, and real-time syncing,

Marketing Campaign Planning Made Easy

How To Stay Organized And Plan Marketing Campaigns Efficiently with Taskade

There is a multitude of things to plan before starting your campaign You need to brainstorm what you need to accomplish, identify your target audience, determine your marketing concept, get the right creative team... the list goes on. Use Taskade to organize and plan these campaigns with your team. Collaborate and track progress throughout all your projects to help ensure your next campaign achieves success.

Planning Marketing Campaigns

Lack of planning and a limited scope of budget available is the number one reason why marketing campaigns fail to reach their full potential. To avoid a budget shortfall, you need to develop a marketing calendar and think about your next campaign in advance. Taskade strives to provide you with the best productivity and collaboration tools for marketing campaign planning, to create, plan, automate, and run them efficiently. If you are in a space where you have limited resources, and all you can do is brainstorm, then, it might be time to learn how to run a marketing campaign effectively and efficiently using Taskade.

Taskade to the Rescue

Taskade is the ultimate collaboration and task management platform. It is a tool that can be used to manage various projects and to keep everyone on task and help us ensure your next campaign will get off to a great start. Our platform is easy to use and has many features to help you track and organize your marketing campaign from start to finish. The layout is clean, easy to understand and not overwhelming. Taskade will guide you to find what you need and allow you to create multiple teams for each campaign to keep your teams in sync. This also makes it easy to track your progress in each team. For those of you that are not tech savvy, don't be discouraged. Taskade with multiple teams like a breeze from internal to external teams such as collaborating with your clients.


Marketing is a time-consuming process, but it is very important that you start using a planner now such as Taskade. Once you get the hang of it, you will feel a difference and supercharge your productivity.

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Unleash the power of AI with Taskade. Chat, organize, get things done, all in one place. No more scattered to-do lists, cluttered inboxes, or disorganized work. Get organized, productive, and connected.

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