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Apes on the Web

Official Planet of the Apes Site
The official source for all things POTA! You just can't beat their amazing collection of articles and behind-the-scenes information!

Official Planet of the Apes Facebook Group
Stay on top of POTA news with the official ApesMovies Facebook group!

Talking Apes TV
Check out this amazing podcast for all the latest Apes news, brought to you by Skywalking Through Neverland. Be sure to subscribe in iTunes and then check out their excellent YouTube Channel for complete videos on all the 50th Anniversary panels at USC.

Want Cornelius, Zira, Dr. Zaius and the gang to attend your next function? Call APEMANIA! These folks have been everywhere, from release events hosted by Fox and most recently at the USC 50th Anniversary panels.

Hunter Goatley's Planet of the Apes Page
You won't find a better POTA page for stuff to download! This site has numerous video clips, an unbelievable collection of scripts (including the TV scripts and the Adam Rifkin draft for what eventually became the Tim Burton remake), bubble gum cards, coloring books, and if that weren't enough, he even has Flash versions of the Power Records comic book and record adaptions (if you know what those are, you're as old as I am). And no, that's not enough, because he's even mirrored the old, long-lamented ProphecySite POTA page.

BOOM! Studios
Official website of the PotA comic books series. Sadly, they don't seem to have a dedicated page, but they have lots of Apes comics. Including the upcoming adaptation of Rod Serling's original screenplay.

Official Natalie Trundy website
Albina, a Mutant in Beneath, Dr. Stephanie Branton in Escape, Lisa, Caesar's wife in Conquest and Battle, and Mrs. Arthur P. Jacobs. New page with autographed pictures, an extensive bio, and more.
The official site of da man, Charlton Heston.

The Sacred Scrolls: The Planet of the Apes Wiki
This excellent Wiki site provides an excellent database on all material relating to the Planet of the Apes franchise, including: The original five-movie pentalogy, the Tim Burton remake, the reboot films, comics, novels, merchandise and more!

Time Travelling on the Planet of the Apes
This excellent blog attempts to unravel the many, many timelines of POTA.

Planet of the Apes Fans Facebook Group
Share your love of all things POTA with this excellent Facebook page.

Charlton Heston World-A True Renaissance Man
Site dedicated to da man, Charlton Heston. The title says it all. With four pages devoted to PotA containg lots of info and TONS of great photos.