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Planet of the Apes 50th Anniversary

Planet of the Fans

Our friends at Fox have launched a wonderful new series, Planet of the Fans, celebrating Apes fandom. Each week they profile an Apes fan and talk about their favorite movie in the series, favorite characters, how PotA has impacted their lives, and why the films are so timeless.

Needless to say, The Forbidden Zone creator Roger Alford is honored to be included. You can read each profile on the offical Planet of the Apes website.

Russell Hossain

Russell M. Hossain is a freelance illustrator based in London, England. In addition to over 10 years’ experience in media, Hossain is a dedicated Planet of the Apes fan with several amazing fan comics that explore and broaden the world of the Apes in new and fascinating ways. From the many “what ifs” Hossain has raised in his stories, to the incredible vintage comics-inspired artwork he produced as result, we’re excited to feature him as our first Planet of the Fans interview guest! READ MORE

Brian Penikas

This week, our next Planet of the Fans interview features Hollywood make-up artist (and long-time friend of The Forbidden Zone) Brian Penikas, the head ape behind the Apemania reenactment troupe! Penikas took us through how the Apes franchise helped cultivate his passion for films and movie effects, and how this passion led him to start what would become his passion project. Apemania has been performing at Planet of the Apes events all over the world since 1998, delighting fans with their authentic, fully-costumed performances that truly embrace the legacy of the franchise. READ MORE

Roger Alford

This week’s Planet of the Fans interview took a turn down Apes history as we got to speak with Roger Alford, the super-fan behind one of the largest and oldest Planet of the Apes archives on the web, the Forbidden Zone. Disappointed with the lack of fan resources for Planet of the Apes, Roger started the site in 1996. Now, it dishes out the latest franchise news, contains multimedia archives, and offers fascinating discourse about the universe of the Apes. READ MORE

Andrew Jones

This week’s Planet of the Fans interview features filmmaker, makeup artist, and avid Planet of the Apes collector Andrew Jones. Moved by the timeless make-up and practical effects of the original 1968 film, Andrew brings his love of classic movies to his own filmmaking career—and Halloween costumes that leave the neighborhood going absolutely ape! READ MORE