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Planet of the Apes 50th Anniversary

Planet of the Apes Trivia Contest!

Thanks to a special arrangement with Hachette Books and in celebration of the 50th anniversary, we're giving away 10 copies of the brand new Caesar's Story. This wonderful book is an illustrated life story of Caesar, the brave and extraordinary leader of the Apes, as told by Maurice, Caesar's best friend.

All you have to do is correctly answer the following trivia questions. Just copy the questions below, paste them into an email, and send them to . And if you need help, just check our Twitter feed.

We'll hold a drawing on November 17, 2018, from all correct entries to decide the winners. Answers must be received via e-mail by 12pm midnight ET, November 16, 2018, in order to be eligible. We'll post all of the answers after the contest has ended.

Be sure to include your e-mail and snail mail address on your entry. This contest is open to residents of the US and Canada only. Prizes will be mailed by to the winners from Hachette Books. Personal info will NOT be shared with anyone else. Good luck!

  1. List all nine Apes films in chronological order of release.

  3. Charlton Heston made two other classic sci-fi films. Name them.

  5. How many Apes TV series were there?

  7. David Oyelowo's character "Steven Jacobs," in Rise of the Planet of the Apes is named after what real-life individual?

  9. Maurice the Orangutan in the new series is named after whom?

  11. What is the name of the final drug in Rise of the Planet of the Apes that Caesar uses to make the Apes smarter?

  13. Two famous film directors played in one of the Classic Apes movies. Who were they and in which film did they appear?

  15. Who was originally cast to play Dr. Zaius in the original film?

  17. Andy Serkis portrayed what other famous movie ape on the big screen?

  19. Which famous TV writer co-wrote the screenplay for Planet of the Apes?

  21. Who played Lt. Stewart in the original film?

  23. Linda Harrison (Nova, original series) also appeared in another famous sci-fi film and its sequel. Name them.

  25. What year did the dogs and cats die in the original film series?

  27. What was the name of the outbreak that killed most of the humans in the new series?

  29. Academy Award winning make-up artist John Chambers was portrayed by John Goodman in what recent film?

  31. What Marvel actress plays Caesar’s wife, Cornelia, in the new series?

  33. Who wrote the original Planet of the Apes novel?

  35. In the original series, what was Caesar's name before he changed it?

  37. The character of Koba in the new series is named after what historical figure?

  39. What was the name of Taylor's ship in the original film?